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CAD files in Revit: Why & how to delete linked or imported DWGs and imported categories

Having CAD files, usually DWGs, in Revit is definitely better avoided. However, this is inevitable in projects where: A large amount of work has been done in CAD before a transition to Revit; Survey data such as OS maps or 3D context models is in CAD formats; or Not all stakeholders participating in model coordination […]

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  A quick way to spoil a model in Autodesk® Revit® is to dump lots of DWGs into it. This will create all sorts of issues with bloated file size, low model performance, high chance of model corruption, distorted view extents, rounding errors and graphical glitches, to name a few! THE CHALLENGE Can’t we can just remove […]

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Create triangular curtain panel with gap joints

Did you think this were easy in Revit? Then the dreaded “Can’t Make Type” error jumped out and refused to budge? Or could you create the curtain panel family, but it has so many solids and voids that your project slowed right down? Time to leave that all behind now. We will show you 5 […]

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Create Revit families with elements arrayed along 3D curves

Revit lets you create families with orthogonal or organic forms in the good old family editor or conceptual mass editor, respectively. But what if you need something in between, like the reception table above? The array of timber slats of a custom shape along a 3D curve is extremely difficult to do quickly, accurately and […]

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Create Revit slatted ceiling systems with openings

This is easy to do for 1 space but will quickly slow Revit down when done for lots of rooms in large project models. If you use less efficient methods, Revit will treat each slat as an individual element which calls a dedicated Revit process every time it is drawn or re-generated. Thus, you’ll need […]

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Create scalable Revit trees with custom plan and elevation symbols.

  Hate duplicating Revit family types just to make some trees bigger? Getting sick of their dull look? Wish you could change their radius and height independently from each other? Stop dreaming; we have the only Revit tree family you will need (most of the time)! This tutorial will show how to create this smart […]

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Create truly 3D Revit people

Let’s be honest. Revit’s people families leave a lot to be desired. Who ever wants cardboard people lurking around their fully 3D model? Surely they will look more believable in realistic views or renderings, but don’t you need conceptual-looking 3D folks and human silhouettes much more often? We will show you today how to create […]

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