Want to script your own Python nodes in Dynamo?

Learn Python easily through my practical Revit automation exercises!

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Say Hello to Your New Superpowers:

Unlock the Revit API

Automate almost anything in Revit with Python, without restrictions or delay.

Speed up your Dynamo scripts

Farewell Dynamo spaghetti graphs. Run your script more efficiently in a single Python node.

Get that Promotion

Aspired to be the next BIM Expert or Computational Leader? Get there faster through this course!

& Say Goodbye to:

Fearing the Python nodes in your Dynamo scripts

You copied them from somewhere and they just... works! You probably can't fix them in case of errors, can't optimize their performance, and can't extend their functionality yourself.

Overly dependent on other people's custom Dynamo packages

You can wait for months hoping a package author will add the new Revit API commands as a node. When it finally arrives, you may have to fix lots of your old Dynamo scripts to work with the new package version while hoping this won't create a dozen new bugs...

Being confused over what Python skills to learn for use in Revit

It's easy to find Python tutorials, but do you really need to learn ALL of its concepts and practices for using it in Dynamo?! Being overwhelmed probably scares you from even starting your learning.

Unstructured learning from random Dynamo tutorials

It's also easy to find Dynamo tutorials, but so few of them use Python to break away from dependency on custom packages. The ones that do probably go too fast anyway, and do not have time to cover basic concepts...

How You Will Get There:

Simply go through the lessons in order and build a strong foundation for further discovery!

How Python works in Revit

Python concepts required for Revit

Revit API Concepts

Practical Revit Automation Examples

Course Materials

I find the course highly practical and tailored to Revit users. There are lots of Python learning resources online, but this is so far the best course that teaches Python in the Revit context. Tyler makes it so much easier to apply what I learned into improving my BIM projects.

Daniel BIM Manager

I like that the course has all the essentials in one single place. After this training, I have been much more confident writing Python nodes for Dynamo simply by following the research and thought process Tyler demonstrates throughout this course.

Katherine Architect

Tyler is an excellent teacher. I followed his YouTube Revit channel and found his content in this course even more inspiring. He doesn’t just show you how to do things. He shows how you can approach a Dynamo challenge and solve it on your own with some neat Python tricks!

Xavier BIM Coordinator

What You Can Build After This Course:

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Schedule Shared Coordinates

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unlock all model constraints

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Add Revision to multiple sheets

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Purge Unused Scope Boxes

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Purge Unused rooms, spaces and areas

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Explode all array groups

And Much More!

Ready to Become A Dynamo Superhero?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need a basic knowledge of Revit. However, if you can also be specialized just in Dynamo scripting and ask someone who knows Revit well to give you clear requirements.

Only the most basic level! We will learn from scratch how to automate Revit tasks using python. if you did the same using Dynamo nodes before, it will help you understand the task context better, but this is not a must.

Yes, you will have access to all Python exercise files from the video lessons, any supporting Revit file where applicable, and our personal Python template for scripting in Dynamo.

You can use any Revit version that supports Dynamo 2 and later.

I frequently monitor the Q&A section from all videos, so please post a question there and I will answer it as soon as possible.

It’s English with English subtitles (closed caption) for each video.

Absolutely not! You will have lifetime access to learn at your own pace.

After payment, you will immediately be redirected to the member area of our website where all course videos are available. you can take them in any order, although we highly recommend following the course structure. Each video comes with an Exercise Files tab for downloadable files.

Watching all videos will take you at least 7.5 hours. Please then allow extra time for practice.

Absolutely not! Except for Revit & Dynamo, we only recommend free software and information sources during the course to help you code efficiently.

Yes, a certificate is available on request and is free of charge provided that you have completed all required training videos.

Yes, any device which has a web browser capable of playing/streaming online videos can be used.

Each lesson’s video length varies from 4 to 28 minutes. Those covering practical Revit automation examples are the longest.

do you offer coaching or 1-to-1 support as well?

Yes, please check my Patreon page below for available options.

do you do free training too?

Yes, of course! Feel free to subscribe to my free YouTube training channel:

Question not Answered Here?

Please email support@rv-boost.com and I will be in touch shortly.