Python Scripting in Dynamo for Beginners: Preview

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About Course

(This is a preview of the Python Scripting in Dynamo for Beginners course. Please click here for the full course that offers all 36 videos.)

Ready to take your Dynamo skill to the next level? This video course will help you confidently create custom Python nodes in Dynamo. This will open for you a whole new world of possibilities:

  • Direct access to all Revit commands so you can automate almost anything!
  • No reliance on custom Dynamo packages which can be out of date, not working on your model, or just a headache to roll out to your colleagues.
  • Your Dynamo script can run quicker than just using out-of-the-box nodes.

Designed for Revit and Dynamo users with no Python knowledge, this course is your crucial stepping stone to becoming a true Dynamo expert. It will show you:

  • All Python concepts required for working with Revit and Dynamo
  • What the Revit API is and how to tap into its power with your Python nodes
  • How to use what you will learn to create, query, and edit the most widely used Revit element types.

We all learn differently, so you can also ask me questions about any of these topics in the Q&A.

Through my YouTube channel, I have taught Dynamo and Python to thousands of Revit users worldwide. Having you on this course will encourage me to create even more tutorials and courses just like this.

Your time on this course will be well spent, as this will help you save countless hours in the future through clever and efficient automation of Revit tasks using Python in Dynamo. See you soon in the course!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Essential Python concepts for scripting in Dynamo
  • Understanding how to reference the Revit API
  • Practice scripting some most common tasks in Revit
  • Build a complete Python template for your future Dynamo scripts

Course Content


  • Setting up the code editor

Python in the Revit Context

Python Concepts Required for Revit

Fundamental Revit API Concepts

Practical Revit Automation Examples

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