About Us

Just like you, we use Revit every day for our jobs & businesses. Such a great tool, but we love spending evenings and weekends as far away from it as possible!

Since as early as 2008, we have gathered numerous techniques & tricks to boost our Revit productivity and promote best Revit practices in the construction industry. Read from this site Revit solutions we struggled for hours or days to find and save time to spend on things more meaningful to you instead.

In addition, you can also:

  • Get advanced parametric Revit families;
  • Learn from tutorial clips showing exactly how the above were made;
  • Request bespoke Revit content we will make to your specifications.

Have other questions or requests? Let us know at enquiry@revitboost.com.



Despite our love for Revit, we rather spend our nights and weekends with real people! And we hope help you do the same.


We specialise in advanced training, Revit content and Dynamo scripts. Basic-level support is available only on request.


Everyday, we help full-time Revit users in top UK Architecture firms do more in less time. Challenging Revit questions float our boat!


You want quality Revit families, not 3D preview images! Our content description is the next best thing to actually looking at it in Revit.
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