RV RoomLink – Easily Schedule Revit Objects by Linked Rooms

Disappointed to know Revit cannot associate elements in one model to rooms in another? RV RoomLink is here to create this missing link between your Revit files. Our one-click solution directly pulls room data from Revit links to elements in your main model!

Never have to duplicate hundreds of rooms or spaces in each of your files again. Be free to structure your Revit models for optimal performance and minimal file size. When it’s time to schedule or update elements by linked rooms, simply fire up RV RoomLink and do these 3 easy steps:

1 – Select Revit links containing room data

Those thousands of rooms in your project can now live in any file. All rooms can easily come together here where RV RoomLink lets you choose to check rooms in any loaded Revit links. You can also include “live” rooms from the current Revit model.

Use the Duplicate button to create a new room link and then choose its link name and room phase. If you want to check all links from all phases in a Revit link, select its last created phase and check the box for “Include room on previous phases”.

2 – Select Revit elements to receive room data

Take full control of which elements will receive room data from the established room links. This can be everything you selected before launching RV RoomLink, or all items on only required Revit categories.

Similar to room links, these parameter links can be duplicated using the Copy button and then edited to suit your needs. The “Include elements on previous phases” checkbox works the same way. Just enable it and select the last phase in your model to update elements from all phases.

The “Overwrite existing value” checkbox lets you choose to keep values already exist in the specified element parameter, or override them each time you sync room data.

3 – Set options and Sync!

The Options panel lets you choose:

  • The tolerance to be used in the room check – Useful to get these elements sitting just slightly outside their intended rooms.
  • Whether to find room for doors and windows at their FromRoom or ToRoom points.
  • A default parameter value such as “<Not Found>” or “<External” for elements not belonging to any room.

Finally, hit “Sync Room Data”, sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee! In a few seconds, you will get the report below showing all updated or skipped elements. You can then click Show/Select Elements to select and find any reported object in the Revit model for further checking.

Want to reuse the same settings next time on your current or other Revit models? RV RoomLink’s Save & Load buttons will make it easy:

See the result for yourself

Even when used on “live” rooms in the current model only, RV RoomLink detects more rooms successfully than Revit does by default

This is thanks to our intelligent method to temporarily “nudge” elements’ location points around within a custom tolerance until it find a room. This won’t actually modify element locations in your model. Rooms in your links will be checked the same way, so you can be sure that as many rooms will be detected as possible. Of course, you can still choose not to “nudge” elements in some or all directions.

Also, to save you from editing thousands of families to enable their Room Calculation Points, RV RoomLink temporarily constructs these points temporarily for you on-the-fly for best room detection result. This won’t actually modify your Revit families.

We are excited to see how many working days you can save with RV RoomLink. Why not start right now with a completely free trial?

Need more tips?

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