Dynamo Script: Instant 3D Space Diagram from Revit Rooms!

Original price was: $ 15.95.Current price is: $ 9.95.

This is the same Dynamo scripts that you can build yourself following our tutorial below. If you are short on time, please buy them here. It will also encourage us to create more tutorials like this!

Dynamo version required is 2.0 or later. Project file works with Revit 2019 or later. This product includes 3 Dynamo files:

  • One for Revit 2021 & earlier,
  • One for Revit 2022, to fix a Revit 2022 issue with imported object not scaled correctly,
  • One for Revit 2023 & later with the Python node upgrade to Python 3.


Additional information

Dynamo Version Required

2.0 or later


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