Triangular Revit curtain panel with joints

$ 4.95

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Deliver more projects on time and at ease with this curtain panel family. To give you all possible advantages, it is:

  • Ready to use: Imagine hours of your or your employees’ time can now be spent elsewhere!
  • Optimized for performance: Only 236 Kb in size & contains only 2 solids, your computer will love it!
  • Fully parametric: Flex Joint/gap width, frame profile width & height, materials and panel thickness to your heart’s content!
  • Tried & tested: We BIM Managers and Architects have used it for our humongous projects and couldn’t break it ourselves!
  • Lean & clean: All redundant constraints, construction geometries and subcategories cleaned up or never existed!
  • User Instruction included: Simply watch the clip right on top of this page!
  • Easily upgradeable: Built in Revit 2012, ready for Revit 2013 and later.
  • Dedicated support: If you somehow manage to break the family, reach us at and we’ll be delighted to help.

Additional information

Revit element category

Pattern-based curtain panel: Triangle Flat

File version

2012 and later

File size

236 Kb

Eligible hosts

Any divided surface using the “Triangle (flat)” pattern.

Available parameters

Gap / Joint width;
Panel thickness;
Panel & frame materials;
Width & height of the frame’s cut profile.
Grouped logically and can be renamed, these parameters allow you to have multiple size variations in the same curtain panel family.

Family & type names

Generic, can be renamed to suit your company’s standards

Level of detail

Sufficient for conceptual massing. We are against over-detailing and so should you!

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