Scalable Revit tree with custom plan and elevation

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Ditch the dull looking Revit’s default cardboard trees and say hello to styles! This only tree family you will ever need is:

  • Truly Scalable: Not only can you change its radius and height independently from each other, this will be done entirely by instance parameters and take immediate effect in all views with correct visibility settings for the Planting category. No more long list of identical tree types just for size variation!
  • Built for all levels of detail: Appearing as blobs, RPC or line-work blocks depending on the level of detail, this tree can match all your drawing styles. A 3-for-1 bargain indeed!
  • Highly customisable: You are different; and so are your favourite tree annotation styles. Open our tree family and you will see right away where to replace our sample tree plan and elevation blocks with yours!
  • Fully parametric: Flex the tree’s radius and height, materials and render appearance to your heart’s content!
  • Tried & tested: We BIM Managers and Architects have used it for our humongous projects and couldn’t break it ourselves!
  • Lean & clean: All redundant constraints, construction geometries and subcategories cleaned up or never existed!

Other benefits:

  • User Instruction included: Complete Revit newbies can simply watch the clip right on top of this page and begin using this family right away!
  • Easily upgradeable: Built in Revit 2016, ready for Revit 2016 and later.
  • Dedicated support: If you somehow manage to break the family, reach us at and we’ll be delighted to help.

Additional information

Revit element category

Planting. Your current Visibility & Graphic settings or tree schedules will continue to work.

File version

2012 and later.

Eligible hosts

Any floor or topography surfaces, or just have it float in mid air if you like!

Available parameters

– Tree Height
– Crown Height, Radius & Material
– Trunk Radius & Material
– Cardboard Tree Material (show only in shaded mode. Realistic or Ray Trace mode will show the RPC render appearance of the cardboard tree).

Family & type names

Generic, can be renamed to suit your company’s standards.

Level of detail

– At Coarse: Show tree elevations as 3D solids.
– At Medium: Show the Revit cardboard 3D tree which can be rendered.
– At Fine: Show custom 2D tree elevations of your choice.
– At all levels of detail: Show a custom tree plan symbol in floor plans.

2 reviews for Scalable Revit tree with custom plan and elevation

  1. TYLER (verified owner)

    It works! No more ugly trees!

  2. Terrence Hein

    You are a very intelligent person!

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